“Embrace Technology” Students Challenged During Mentorship Program

More than 400 students under the Governor’s Scholarship Program have been challenged to embrace technology in a positive way to advance their interests and chatting their career paths.

Speaking to the students during the annual mentorship program at Mbale high school, Governor Wilber Khasilwa Ottichilo asked the students to embrace time management and focus on their studies to achieve greatness.

Additionally, he urged the student to remain committed, dedicated and disciplined for academic progression and excellence.

The County Boss assured the students that his administration will continue to support their education and welfare for them to excel and make the world a better place.

He further encouraged them to embrace and explore their talents.

CECM for Education, Science and Vocational Training Dr. Ruth Agesa assured the learners that education is the only equalizer, urging them to maintain high standards of discipline.

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