ABOUT governor

Dr. Ottichilo’s Birth, Family, Background, Education & Work

H.E. Dr Wilber K. Ottichilois the second and current Governor for Vihiga County, born September 23, 1952 in Emanyinya village, Emusire sub-location, Central Bunyore Ward in Emuhaya sub-county. Dr. Ottichilo attended Makerere University from 1974 to 1977, the University of Nairobi from 1981 to 1983, as well as Colorado State University from 1984-1986.

He obtained his doctorate in Natural Resource Management and Space Science from the University of Wageningen International Institute for Earth Observation and Geo-information in The Netherlands.

Before joining politics in 2008:
Dr. Ottichilo worked for eight years as the Director General for Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) for Eastern and Southern Africa. The Center is an affiliate of the UN-Economic Commission for Africa and provides training and advisory services in the use of Geo-Information Technologies (Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS and ICT) in sustainable development of its member States.

Between 1993 and 1998 he was the Deputy Director/Chief Scientist of Kenya Wildlife Service and was responsible for biodiversity research, planning and management.

Between 1989 and 1992, he worked for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO-UN) as remote sensing expert/project manager for the food security and early warning project for the Greater Horn of Africa.

Political Life

Dr Wilber Ottichilo has been the MP representing Emuhaya Constituency in the National Assembly since the year 2008. As a result of his work, Emuhaya constituency stands out in Vihiga County as having the best road network, the best educational facilities and performance, the best electricity network and access, the best health facilities among others.

Based on his development record, he was voted in May 2015 as the best performing Member of Parliament in Kenya. During the 10th Parliament he was a member of Parliamentary Committees on Education, Research and Technology and Transport and Communications and in the 11th Parliament he is a member of Parliamentary Committees on Education, Research and Technology and Environment and Natural Resources.

While serving in these Committees he has contributed immensely to the legislation and enaction of several laws including but not limited to Basic Education Act , University Act, TVET Act, STI Act ,Biosafety Act, National Construction Act, Engineers Act, National Safety and Transport Act, Technologist and Technician Act, Wildlife Act, Forest Act, Water Act, Mining Act etc

Political Life

He individually and successfully sponsored the following motions and bill in the Parliament:
Motion on the threat of the impact of construction of GIBE 3 Dam in Ethiopia on Lake Turkana

Motion on the establishment of National Spatial Data infrastructure (NSDI) in Kenya

Motion on the establishment of Kenya Space Agency

Motion to set aside one national day every month for the public to clean their environment as per Article 42 of our constitution

Motion on the promotion of the use and development of renewable energy in Kenya

The Climate Change Act (2016)


Dr. WIlber Ottichilo ascended to power as Governor of Vihiga County after being elected in 2017 beating incumbent governor Rev. Moses Akaranga by 20,000 votes. When he took over as Governor the County was in disarray and dilapidated as a result of rampant embezzlement and corruption of county coffers by the previous administration. The county was rated as one of the worst performer sin terms of development and budgetary allocations and it was heavily in debt with a debt of over Kshs 3 Billion.

Despite an economic downturn and the ravages of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Dr.Ottichilo has managed to turn the fortunes  of Vihiga County. Taking the County from last place to one of the top 2 positions with regard to performance of 1st term Governors as well as clearing the debts incurred by the former administration from Kshs. 3 Billion to a poultry 500 million.