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About Mchapa Kazi

Dr. Wilber K. Ottichilo

Governor Ottichilo is nothing short of a Stellar Performer. That is his Legacy. Everything he touches turns to GOLD. From being the best Parliamentarian in the country during his tenure as Emuhaya MP to being rated the best performing Governor in the continent.

Ottichilo is an environmental enthusiast and a climate change champion, He Chairs the climate change committee at the council of governors Kenya.

He is also an ICT-savvy governor who has leveraged the power of Geospatial technology in governance. In the last 5 years of his leadership at the county government of Vihiga, Over 28 counties have come to benchmark on GIS and how it is used in resource allocation and data-driven decision making

A leader who performs

Voted the best governor in the country and in Africa. Ottichilo is the consummate Performer and a perfect example of Good leadership. He moved Vihiga county from Number 46 to Number 12 during his 1st term. He was also rated the best MP during his tenure as Emuhaya MP

An Environmentalist

As the 2nd Governor of Vihiga County, he has ensured that the gains of devolution have been realized by constructing over 72 Health facilities and was rated the second-best county in the budget-making process by International Budget Partnership (IBP) & Transparency International(TI)

Climate Change Champion

He has been instrumental in improving the lives of the people in Vihiga by employing over 829 ECDE teachers, 1452 CHVs, 288 TVET instructors, and 428 CHEs. OttichiloCare which benefits mother and child has impacted over 10,000 households