Dr. Ottichilo Meets Vihiga Trade and Enterprise Board in a bid to Streamline Its Operations

Vihiga governor H.E Dr. Wilber Khasilwa Ottichilo held talks with The Vihiga Enterprise Fund Board to establish a conducive management that will enable Vihiga traders to access subsidized loans in a bid to boost the County’s economic status.

Through Commerce Tourism and Cooperatives department, The discussion revolved around partnership engagement with financial institutions that will bring on board professional techniques that will boost the financial management of the fund.
Digitization of the funds’ operations and GIS mapping of the fund’s clients turned out to be a prudent headway toward keeping track of its records and loan recovery.

The loan recovery strategy and capacity building of Vihiga traders should be revised to enable the revolving benefit more traders across the County.

Vihiga County boss Dr. Wilber Ottichilo assured the board of new management skills of the Commerce Tourism and Cooperatives department that he is confident to wheel the department’s activities.

The governor, directed commerce Tourism and Cooperatives docket in collaboration with the Vihiga County Enterprise Fund board to establish a strategic plan and service charter that will drive the fund’s vision.

He advised the board to reconsider lending traders who complied and paid their loans as defaulters be encouraged to clear their pending loans.

The Vihiga County Enterprise Fund has been allocated 20 million shillings in the next financial year.

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