Conserve the Environment; Ottichilo as he Trains Ward Climate Change Committee Champions

May 12, 2023

The County Government of Vihiga enacted the Climate Change Fund Act, 2019 (Amended in 2021) to facilitate the flow of climate finances and coordinate the implementation of climate action at ward and county levels.

Anchored by the Act, Ward Climate Change Planning Committees (WCCPCs) are established to facilitate community participation in climate response initiatives such as participatory climate risk assessment and climate action planning as well as identification and implementation of climate resilience projects at ward levels.

So far, only five ward committees have implemented ward climate resilience investments. For the current financial year, 7 ward committees are expected to support the implementation of ward climate investments.

Recognizing the importance of continuous capacity building, and enabled by the Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) Program’s Climate Institutional Support Grant, (CCIS), the Directorate of Climate Change organized a workshop for all WCCPCs to build their capacities towards effective monitoring and reporting on climate change resilience projects in their Wards.

In his remarks during the training and capacity building for the ward climate change committees at praise center church Mbale, His Excellency Governor Ottichilo urged everybody to take initiatives towards mitigating and adapting to changes in climate.

“God created the world and gave us everything. But we decided to be clever and destroyed it ourselves. I want to confirm that Climate Change is the single most threat to humanity today. and if we don’t take corrective and adaptive measures as Climate Change champions, the world will no longer support life.” Wilber Ottichilo

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